Automating Windows Patches on Templates

Back in 2015, I posted a use case on the VMware Communities that described a process I implemented to keep various Windows Templates up to date with Microsoft patches on multiple vSphere 5.5 environments.
It was common to run into situations where a virtual machine would be deployed from a template and it was way behind on Microsoft patches; this incurred additional time to bring the server up-to-date, time that could've been used in better ways.

For those managing multiple sites and not running vSphere 6.x which provides the ability of using Content Libraries where a single or less quantity of templates can be kept updated and shared with Subscribed Libraries (vCenters), this solution may still be applicable.

The Tasks involved: Convert template to VM, power on VM, run Windows Update remotely, reboot VMGuest, shut VM down and finally convert back to template.

What's required on Templates:

  • Server 2008/2012 Templates need to be running PowerShell v.3 minimum but v.4 is highly recommended. 
    • PowerShell 4 for 2008 server can be downloaded here 
  • The Windows Update PowerShell Module needs to be installed on your templates. 
    • It can be downloaded from here

Note: The Windows Update PowerShell Module includes the command
Get-WUInstall which is what I used to initiate patch installations remotely (from the script).

How to embed your Twitter Timeline on your blog or website.

Last night, the vBrowngBagLATAM crew had a session about how to start your own blog, tips and tricks. During the discussion, my new blog was shown and there were questions about how to embed your own Twitter timeline into the blog or website. Here are the steps I used, they are very simple.

Visit and enter your Twitter handle or that of the user you want to embed.

Select the "Embedded Timeline" option on the left.