vSoccer at VMworld US 2018


Many of you landed here because of your interest in joining a bunch of us virtualization and fĂștbol fanatics play indoor soccer (6 vs. 6) on Tuesday night August 28th while at VMworld. 

I wanted to summarize the idea and details on this post instead of multiple tweets.

To make this a reality we need serious commitment from many of you to rent a field or two (depending how many sign up) at the Longevity Sports Center located 4 miles from MGM Grand. See map here

Update: the #vExpert party is from 7:00 to 10:00 and is only 2 miles away; so things will work out great for those of us that don't want to miss it.

The cost per field per hour is $200 flat rate, so for 12 players will be <$17 per person, per hour.

Here is my thought... if we get 18 players, we'll have 3 teams, can play for 2 hours rotating teams every so many minutes or goals. That will be $400/18 = <$23 per player.
If we get 24 people, we'll decide if we rent 2 fields for one hour, rotate 4 teams for 2 hours, etc. Make your suggestions as this is OUR event.

I already spoke with the manager of the place and the only availability that week is after 10pm; we could rent each field for 1 to 3 hours.

The purpose of this initiative is to create and build vCommunity, to exercise a bit and have fun! There is no need to bring your professional cleats or equipment, any sneakers and shorts will do. This won't be a fierce competition, simply a different and fun way to integrate and meet fellow tech enthusiasts. 

As of today August 7th, we don't have any sponsor(s), some have mention this but I have not reached out to any companies asking for it. If you know how or who/what can provide it, let's try it, even if it's a partial sponsorship, that would be awesome!

As the proponent of this activity, I don't have a problem reserving the place under my name; all I ask for is that if you commit, plan to be there and help cover the costs.

Sign up on this form here; I will keep people updated on count and confirmation once a good enough group have committed to participate.