PowerCLI Poster Giveaway Contest

For the last few months I have really been interested in improving my PowerShell and PowerCLI skills. I've been watching Pluralsight courses and using every opportunity to perform tasks or obtain reports from the command line instead of using the GUI - when time allows :-) 
After seeing the PowerCLI poster available from VMware, I wanted to get my hands on one but after asking the gurus for a copy and finding out they didn't have additional ones, I resorted to printing my own from the PDF VMware provides here.  I ordered 3 posters and they came out very nice... In full (recommended) size 39x19 inches and laminated for durability; here's the one in my cube..

Having a pair extra I wanted to have a contest to give them away, so I initially thought of offering them to anyone who could teach me the best PowerCLI trick, something advanced and useful, but soon I realized that advanced users may not benefit from having the poster as much as someone starting to learn PowerCLI, so the idea changed quickly and an update was posted. Brian Graf and Kyle Ruddy accepted to be the judges at and select the winners few days later.

Many people did not follow the rules and were simply asking for the poster until Brian Graf tweeted this: