My road to vExpert

vExpert: wow that guy works for VMware and must know it all. 

When I first started seeing and hearing the term vExpert in the different community virtualization events, podcasts, webinars and on people's Bio's on LinkedIn and Twitter, I thought it was a selective distinction for a very few, top product specialists within VMware; I believed it to be some sort of certification for its employees.
Later on, I noticed how others outside VMware also called themselves vExperts; but these individuals were known bloggers and virtualization community heavyweights; then I thought, maybe they get the privilege since they are so well versed in the technology and have proven it with their presentations, blog posts and even books. 

I didn't bother to look at the requirements for that "certification" or what it really meant, instead I just kept focused on VCP and VCAP just assuming vExpert was out of reach.

It wasn't until I started engaging more in the Boston VMUG and with the vBrownBag and LATAM crew that I realized the vExpert recognition was for the Community, for enthusiasts and evangelists of the technology. Even then, my assumption was that it would take an enormous amount of dedication, commitment and actual high technical expertise to become one.

My interest in attaining this award grew as I became aware of a key benefit: being able to use VMware products in a Home Lab; What? Have the ability to practice in your home gear without reinstalling every 60 days? Great, I needed to start putting the effort and pursue this recognition from VMware; I enjoy virtualization and this will only allow me continue learning and growing in that space. That benefit by itself is huge, the other perks are also very valuable, I'm not underestimating their value.

Found my mentors: Ariel Sanchez y Los Muchachos de vBrownBagLATAM 😊