.NEXT, what I'm expecting.

Back in December 2016 the vBrownBag Community sponsored by technology companies, gave out prizes to its followers; some prizes included brand sunglasses, drones and other cool stuff; I don't remember the complete list but there were many. One of the most highly valued prizes was a pair of passes to the Nutanix .NEXT Conference in Washington DC. I was one of the lucky winners, so I'm getting ready to take advantage and attend the 3 day event this week for the first time. 

As a virtualization enthusiast, I enjoy learning different technologies, products and solutions; unfortunately, Nutanix isn't a solution I have used in the past, not because I don't want to, but because I haven't had a chance to really kick the tires and dive into it a bit deeper. I understand Nutanix's solutions based on presentations and documents read, but the way my brain absorbs the most is by doing or in this case by actually using and navigating the application; so I am anticipating to hit the Nutanix Labs hard this week, ask many questions during the different sessions and talk with NTC's and hopefully become a more knowledgeable HCI / Nutanix / Acropolis / Prism / Enterprise Cloud user myself. 
Of course this being a large conference where many of the community users attend, I also expect to see my old friends and make new ones! 

These types of conferences are a great opportunity to network, meet other professionals and of course learn a bunch; I'm looking forward for all these expectations to be fulfilled during the .NEXT Conference this June 28th through 30th. If you see me there, say hi 😉