VMworld 2017 - First day

Although VMworld doesn’t officially start until Sunday or depending how you look at it, Monday; the whole weekend leading to it is an amazing opportunity to get familiar with the huge Mandalay complex, find out where the different places are located and of course one of the best parts of the show… meet fellow technology enthusiasts. This is one of the most valuable things of attending the conference in my opinion.

A day and a half in and I have probably already met 20+ new vFriends from the community and have had excellent conversations about the cloud, infrastructure, automation and even great personal experiences.

One of the anticipated moments for me was to meet Al Rasheed who won the conference pass I was able to donate to the vCommunity last month; Al had never attended VMworld before and just 24 hours in, he is thrilled and having a lot of fun. He has already taken a picture with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

This time around it is also very important to me to be here to meet my new team and continue learning about the TAM role and the organization in general. On Sunday, I attended the TAM Reception, talked and learned a bunch from TAM customers, their feedback about the program and how much they value the relationship.

The first official party of VMworld 2017 was the VMUG Party and as expected, it didn't disappoint; the food was great and the band was simply amazing. They rocked the house and gave us an awesome time to start the week with the right foot.

Getting together with my vBrownBagLATAM friends is always a pleasure and we had a chance to have dinner after the VMUG party. As usual we had a great time.

I am looking forward to the coming days being as amazing as the first one, to the different announcements VMware will have, specially related to the partnership with AWS and to meeting new friends in the community and create lasting relationships.

Opportunity knocks


"Is a necessary part of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."

After three amazing and worthwhile years as a Sr. Infrastructure Engineer leading the VMware platforms at Bain Capital, I will be leaving at the end of this week to take on a new and exciting opportunity for my career.
Not only am I leaving the company but the city of Boston and the State of Massachusetts where I have grown professionally and have met truly amazing people.

I will be relocating 500 miles south to the Washington Metropolitan area and join VMware as a Sr. Technical Account Manager.

This will certainly be a life changing event for me and my family, but it is one that we're all looking forward to positively and with great enthusiasm.

There is a lot we are giving up, but in my mind, is not what we are leaving behind but the possibilities of what we could gain; in my mind, I see a great future for me and my loved ones and hopefully a lot less snow to shovel during winters. 😊