Free VMworld Pass Contest

Would you like to go to VMWorld and don't have a pass? 
If your answer is yes, read on... You may be the lucky winner of a free registration code for it.

I want to give someone the possibility of attending VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas next month, so I'm giving away a validated registration code for the big conference to a lucky person in the vCommunity and hopefully make a difference in that person's career.

Ideally, the gal or guy would be someone who has not attended VMworld before, although having attended in the past doesn't disqualify you from participating :) 

Would like to see a person who is enthusiastic about virtualization, eager to learn and to take full advantage of everything this event has to offer.

Having attended my first and only VMworld last year made me realize the immense value this conference presents if you take advantage of its opportunities; you get to see great stuff on the different breakout sessions, practice and learn the latest products and/or features from VMware in the Hands-on-Labs, meet amazing and smart people and have tons of fun in the process.

When the additional registration code became available to me this week, I thought of contributing it to somebody who may not have the chance of attending and giving that individual the opportunity to experience the awesomeness that I enjoyed last August.

So, for a chance to win, comment on this blog or use hashtag #VMworldbound on Twitter and list the reasons why you would like to attend VMworld 2017. Make sure you tag @lamw and myself @j_kolkes if using Twitter.

Community leader William Lam will be picking and announcing the winner on August 2nd.

The only requirements are:
  • You want and are able go to VMworld2017 in Las Vegas.
  • You can cover flight and hotel expenses. They're not included in this giveaway.
  • You promise to meet with William and myself for a drink and picture while at the event ;)

Update: Click here to learn how the winner will be selected.


  1. Last year was my first VMworld which helped me to know about new features and tech . It helped me to implement lot of new stuff and mainly migrating the vcenter to appliance . Also it helped to learn new vendor and their usecase like logicmontior and platform 9 which we implemented in our environment so if i get chance this year hope it will helpful to me and also for my org..

  2. #VMworldbound @lamw @j_kolkes Attend VMworld becoz its cool, THE EVENT of 2017, and Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - VMW

  3. As a backup admin I've never had the chance to experience VMworld, even though I'm a user of the products. I'd like the opportunity to network worth some peers, meet some of the authors of books I own and take some sessions to expand my horizons (minor VMware pun). I think it'd be a wonderful opportunity and would hope to visit future events as well!

  4. Been working as a VMware technician for about 5 years. Just recently I was able to attend the vsphere training and looking to get certified. I've heard a great deal about VMware world and how you can learn so much. My work place will never cover the cost of the ticket to VMware world. It was a struggle to get them to cover training. This would greatly benefit my professional career.

  5. Would live to go! Unfortunately, I can't get work to cover it. I've never been to VMWorld but I've been to lots of local events and have always come away with valuable knowledge. And I hope the usefulness of my first trip will give me good ammo for why I need to attend every year!

  6. I work as the sole developer for a Cloud Service Provider down here in New Zealand. I have developed our own web based client portal that automates and integrates with vsphere from initial client provisioning across multiple geographic sites right through to full vm provisioning and adds, edits, removes of all devices, snapshots, alerting, metrics, basically, the works and all still in a multi-tenant construct.

    Having exhausted almost everything in the traditional SDK world and as we transition (this week as it happens) to VS 6.5 i am now looking at the next phase of features and innovations we can offer our clients that of course follows the same tradition of integration into our portal so clients have a single interface with us.

    We have been talking with customers and i have been thinking about the following for our next potential phases of work

    Photon OS
    vSphere Integrated Containers

    We have also developed our own c# restful api library which is still out of production due to some key features we use that have not quite made it to the current vsphere release. Very interested to see what announcements might be made this year!

    VMWorld would be the perfect forum to gain additional knowledge on the above topics to but also hopefully have discussions with not only relevant VMWare employees but expert community peers.

  7. #VMworldbound @lamw @j_kolkes Since I started working on vmware in 2007 every vmworld event excites me even if I couldn't attend, and its a dream to visit once and boost my career. VMWorld is of course awesome!

  8. #VMworldbound @lamw @j_kolkes At VMWorld event knowledge an information is in the Air. Keep taking deep breaths!

  9. This year was to be my fist opportunity to attend VMworld and meet some of the great minds in the community. I wanted the chance to see what the future holds and to sit with some of the brightest people in the industry. Unfortunately, as of yesterday my company's professional services organization was dissolved and the trip cancelled. It would have been a fantastic experience, hopefully I'll be able to attend in the future!

  10. This is a great initiative from you guys! Kudos! I'd like to participate. I have been a VMware vSphere and Horizon consultant for the past 8 years. I had the opportunity to go to VMworld two years ago, but had to decline, as my first child was born the month before! Last year I used my training/trade show budget to attend the vSphere 6.5 class. This year would be a great year for me to attend. One of my partners is attending, for the 7th consecutive, and when he comes back, he's just bleeding VMware and the labs get a round of updates to showcase the amazing technologies VMware has to offer to our clients!

    Thanks again for this great initiative!

  11. 1. Prefer vSAN deep dives vs pool dive
    2. Learned VM 2.5 long time ago w/o "For Dummies" book
    3. Want to learn like a crazy that week and already took my vitamins
    4. Raise the hand to attend several times without success
    5. Love collaboration and that what all meaning here as a community!
    6. Vegas baby! not much more to say!
    #VMworldbound, @lamw, @J_Kolkes
    This is awesome guys! , hope have a chance!

    1. Dude, how can you be contacted?


      Yes I can the get the travel book by points rewards in Southwest

  12. Awesome idea and thank you so much for offering this generous opportunity!! I attended my first one last year as well and it was unforgettable. The knowledge and friendships gained during those few days are simply priceless. I took full advantage of everything that was there to offer from the keynotes, seeing familiar faces from the past, excellent break out sessions, and delicious food/snacks/drinks. I even attended the VMware Code event and I literally had no idea what I was walking into, it was like being at the San Diego Comic Con and stumbling into a room with all the Avengers in it, lol. I have everything lined up for a return visit except for the attendee pass. Being that this would be a return trip for me, I've read several posts already who are probably more deserving but I have to put my in the hat for the opportunity to go again and be #VMworldbound !! Also sharing a tasty beverage and pic with you and William Lam is basically a bucket list item now.

  13. I want to go to Vmworld #VMworldbound , not only for cool sessions and talks, in fact few days after, these recorded sessions will be available on Internet. The real motive is exchange ideas and experiences with great and amazing people, and off course take some drinks with @lamw and @j_kolkes

  14. As a young-ish virtualisation engineer, I have already found my passion in VMware technologies and only look to further my career in VMware products and beyond. For me, VMworld would be the ultimate learning and networking event I could ever attend to help me further develop my skills and become a much better engineer. Unfortunately working for a local government, means not enough money to send myself or others away :( I would love to be #VMworldbound! Also I would love to meet many of my online peers & always wanted to go to Vegas!

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