VMworldbound Contest

After some consideration, here is how the winner of the #VMworldbound contest will be selected.

On Tuesday August 1st, seven finalists will be picked by William Lam and myself; these people will be notified and expected to confirm no later than Wednesday morning at 9am EST that if they win the VMworld Pass, they will be able and planning to attend, for sure.
The idea and point of this giveaway is to make sure this pass is not wasted and provide someone in the community the opportunity to enjoy a great conference. 
If any of the finalists can't make it for whatever reason, another person not initially picked will enter the "Selected 7".

Announcements for finalists will be made on Twitter and/or via the medium the finalist used to submit her/his entry. The soonest a confirmation of attendance is received the better.

On Wednesday night I will be broadcasting on Periscope the actual drawing and selection of the winner. The names of finalists will be placed in a bag/hat/box (or whatever container I find) and a lucky one will be pulled. 

If you want to be notified and watch the live broadcast, even if you're not participating, you'll need to enable account notifications on Twitter.

Give this a try, you never know what the future may bring.

Good luck to all participants!

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